Scooter Winter Riding Tips

Scooter Winter Riding Tips

It’s that time of the year again. The weather outside is frightful, and life on two wheels is spiteful. But with the right cold weather gear this need not be a winter of discontent. This year make sure you’re prepped to take on the sleet and snow in plush comfort with some new threads designed to fight off the worst that the arctic winds can throw at you. Let’s begin with undoubtedly what is the most unpleasant and harrowing aspect of winter riding, freezing hands. The plight of cold hands is one of the more dangerous riding ailments with your control severely restricted and the minimal time it takes for the icy pain to become a real distraction. The solution is also widely contested with every rider claiming they have the best formula. Heated grips, handlebar muffs, mitten gloves, insulating under gloves, stopping and warming your frozen digits on the engine every five minutes, the list goes on. With wind chill being the main culprit, the actually stationary temperature can drop by up to ten degrees on exposed areas such as hands, knees and head if you are travelling at speed.

However, here is what we put our money on to keep your mitts warm enough to give the finger to old Jack Frost. Tucano Urbano’s Road Gloves provides up to eight hours of battery powered hand toasting luxury. An investment for the year long commuter no doubt, but earns its keep within minutes into your first ride. Then for a quicker, cheaper alternative that requires no batteries; handlebar muffs. We have got a pair to fit every two wheeled accomplice you might have. They completely stop wind chill and are waterproof. Doubt their effectiveness? A million delivery scooters can’t be wrong.

If your commute should be in excess of an hour then cold hands are only the start of your worries. Even the warmest of hands won’t stop the rest of you getting cold. Waterproofs and thermals will save you on these long journeys. Waterproofs will do you the most favours here because once the water is in; you are doomed to a squelchy, shivering and all round miserable time. If you are able to maintain your body heat when you leave the house with a thermal garment, then will get you to work quicker and smile all the way! We stock thermal wear ranging from cotton vests and long johns to hi-tech modern fabrics that dry fast and allows breathing whilst holding in all that desirable warmth. Check out Tucano Urbano’s Pole Collections for a reasonably priced, lightweight answer to your thermal solution.

REV'IT Trocadero H2O Gloves

To really seal a cosy winter ride, grab yourself a pair of waterproof boots and a balaclava or scarf. Waterproof boots do have a bit of a rep for being slightly unpopular as they don’t allow your feet to breathe and there for can cause your feet to sweat buckets. However when your trying to wiggle your toes to check if they haven’t fallen off after half an hour on the road, you may forgive a slight foot odour when you get to work or back home. TCX Boots will do you proud if it’s a stylish, waterproof casual style boot you seek. They come with all the protection you would expect as well, so what are you waiting for? The scarf or balaclava actually serves two purposes. One, to keep you head and neck warm and two, for when you get caught in heavy the rain on a fast road and any exposed skin is subjected to a sensation comparable to being shot with an assault rifle loaded with acupuncture needles. But we have you covered, literally. Check out our scarves and balaclavas here.