Top 5 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Top 5 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Looking for a new open face helmet? Let us take you through the good and bad points of our top 5 open face helmets!

Biltwell Bonanza - The DOT Rated Rebel

+ Fantastic price, square profile avoids ‘bowling ball’ look, lightweight, great range of colours

- DOT rated

The Biltwell Bonanza has been around for a few years now and is a fantastic retro open face helmet for the price. It comes in a great range of colours, with new additions every season, the Biltwell Bonanza is lightweight and low-profile. It has straight sides which offer a slightly squarer look, this avoids the ‘bowling ball’ effect which comes with some other open face options. Biltwell offers a good range of peaks and visors for the Bonanza which are also very reasonably priced. This helmet is DOT rated for use in the USA but has not received ECE certification. 

Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Roeg Jett / Roeg Jetson - The New Kid On The Block

Low-profile and not bowling ball shaped, lightest, good colours, vintage or modern style options

Not a whole lot! Not the biggest range of accessories but very compatible with other brands

Roeg is a relatively new brand who have impressed us with their offering of motorcycle casual wear and protective equipment such as the Roeg Peruna Helmet and Goggles. We love the Jett and Jettson helmets. They are super lightweight, probably the lightest open face we stock, they come in a great range of colours and the profile is very low. They look great on almost everyone and the fit is very universal too. The addition of the Jettson has brought a more retro look to Roeg’s open face helmets. Taped edges, new interior and brass fittings combine with a new selection of colours to give the look and feel of a true original whilst offering the latest ECE protection.

Roeg Jett Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Bell Custom 500 - The Icon

Iconic design, incredible brand history, regularly updated colourways, good build quality, large range of accessories

Profile and fit of the helmet doesn’t suit everyone

Bell is an iconic helmet manufacturer best known for their Custom 500. The Custom 500 has changed a lot over the years to meet the latest safety standards but still retains the heritage and style of the original. Worn by all sorts of famous faces over the years and known for its style, Bell regularly updates the colour options. The build quality is great and there are a large range of reasonably priced accessories available. Bell Custom 500’s don’t fit everyone, though. The fit can be a little tricky and the overall profile a little round. Not to worry though, if you’re unsure and can’t visit us in store, we offer FREE 365 returns on all orders over £100.

Bell Custom 500 Vintage Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Hedon Hedonist - The Trend Setter

Build quality & materials, lightweight, low-profile, great colours, unique accessories, luxurious and comfortable

It's a premium product that carries a higher cost and higher cost, higher quality accessories

Hedon are well known for their luxury helmet range. The Hedonist has made waves since its release and been the choice of celebrities, models and movie stars. When it comes to neo classic design, build quality and materials you just cannot beat a Hedon Hedonist. When you hold it in your hands and put it on you will see why the cost is justified. This lid isn’t just style and no substance. Hedon Helmets are fully ECE certified and unbelievably comfortable. The fit is fantastic, it’s lightweight and has a classic yet low-profile. Hedon have a range of unique accessories including carbon fibre peaks and the coolest visor colours around. 

Hedon Hedonist luxury Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
Davida Speedster - The Retro Staple

True vintage look, colour options, customisation, hand made in England

Price, weight

Davida makes helmets that are true to the company's original designs. They’re about as honest as you will find when it comes to the retro look. If you’re dead set on vintage, this is the helmet for you. Whilst they retain traditional methods and materials and are hand made in England, Davida Helmets are ECE rated. Being hand made they are able to offer a great range of customisable options. You can choose from a mind-blowing range of colours and designs; you can even choose how many pop studs you have on the helmet. This does come at a price but you know with a Davida Helmet that you’re receiving a one of a kind, high quality, helmet that has been handmade in the UK. They aren’t the lightest or the most high tech helmet around, but that isn’t usually what we are looking for with an open face helmet anyway!

Davida Vintage Open Face Motorcycle Helmet