Single Layer vs Lined Motorcycle Trousers

Single Layer vs Lined Motorcycle Trousers

In a nut shell, single layer refers to motorcycle trousers that incorporate an abrasion resistant fibre into the weave of the main trouser fabric. Traditionally motorcycle jeans have been constructed from a standard denim jean lined with abrasion resistant materials such as Kevlar. There is nothing wrong with this method, however, there are a fair few benefits to single layer jeans. The primary difference is that they are lighter, meaning the fit is potentially more comfortable (especially when riding) and your legs won't get as hot. This also allows the jeans to have a slimmer profile, if desired. Brands like Pando Moto take advantage of this with their range of slim fit and skinny Dyneema jeans. Single layer jeans are going to be altogether less distinguishable from a casual pair of Jeans or trousers. Due to the abrasion resistant element being woven in to the fabric of the trouser there is usually a much larger area of coverage. Lined jeans often cover key impact areas but can leave parts of the trouser exposed to abrasion. This isn’t the case with all lined trousers but it’s best to check, most will state the coverage and which areas are reinforced.

REV'IT Protective motorcycle jeans and trousers Detroit kevlar dyneema cordura single layer CE rated motorcycle trousers
Resurgence skinny cafe arcer pekev kevlar motorcycle jeans protective motorcycle trousers with D3O Ce rated armour

Lined jeans have their benefits too! They’re going to be warmer in winter and some people prefer the feeling of a lined jean with the obvious presence of kevlar giving them peace of mind. Depending on the lining used it is possible to achieve a slim jean even with a lining. Being thicker can also work to conceal armour which is sometimes more pronounced on single layer jeans. Not all abrasion resistant materials are created equal after all! Kevlar lined jeans are often better at stopping heat transfer from air cooled engines or exhaust pipes and sometimes a lined jean is the only option if you desire a certain look or outer material.

How are motorcycle jeans tested? With new CE rating, all motorcycle trousers will have to go through the following testing in order to become CE certified, whether they are lined or single layer! If your jeans are CE rated you can trust that they will keep you safe when needed whether they are made from Kevlar, Dyneema, Cordura, Pekev or another abrasion resistant material! Another variant in terms of safety is the armour used in motorcycle jeans. All manufacturers supply different makes and protection levels as standard. Most will supply CE level 1 armour such as Knox Microlock or REV'IT SeeSmart Technology. Others supply CE level 2 protection such as D3O armour.

CE motorcycle clothing test impact zones CE safety standards explained
CE rating safety test methods for motorcycle trousers and jeans
CE rating safety test methods for motorcycle trousers and jeans
CE rating safety test methods for motorcycle trousers and jeans
CE rating safety test methods for motorcycle trousers and jeans

Like all motorcycle gear it’s important to buy whatever works for you. Make sure you try a variety of jeans, lined and single layer, to see what you prefer! Some of our most popular jeans, such as the Dupont Kevlar lined Fuel Sergeant and UglyBros Motorpool K, are not single layer. They look great and a lot of people love the fit! Some of our best value jeans are single layer, such as the majority of the REV’IT range, which is made from cordura denim. This shows that the single layer vs lined argument doesn’t have to come down to price! Check out our favourite single layer and lined motorcycle jeans below and try a pair on for yourself! We offer 365 day free returns on orders over £100, so if you don’t like them we will take them back. We have size guides for every product and our staff are more than happy to advise on our web chat, over the phone or in store.

Top Single Layer Motorcycle Trouser Brands

pando motorcycle jeans single layer kevlar abrasion resistant protective motorcycle clothing
Rokker kevlar motorcycle jeans protective motorcycle trousers single layer jeans
REV'IT motorcycle jeans protective kevlar single layer motorcycle trousers dyneema and cordura denim
knox motorcycle jeans protective motorcycle trousers kevlar dyneema and cordura denim single layer motorcycle jeans

Top Lined Motorcycle Trouser Brands

Fuel motorcycles fuel sergeant sahara motorcycle trousers protective motorcycle jeans
UglyBros motorcycle trousers motorpool kevlar lined jeans
Resurgence gear pekev lined motorcycle jeans abrasion resistant denim
John Doe original motorcycle jeans john doe jeans john doe ironhead kevlar motorcycle trousers