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Scooter Winter Riding Tips

It’s that time of the year again. The weather outside is frightful, and life on two wheels is spiteful. But with the right cold weather gear this need not be a winter of discontent. This year make sure you’re prepped to take on the sleet and snow in plush comfort with some new threads designed to fight...

First Full Face Helmet from Hedon - The Heroine

It's almost here. You've dreamt about it's conception, fantasised about it's arrival and prayed to various motorcycle deities for it's deliverance and now it is about to explode onto the scene like a motorcycle custom scene H-Bomb! Obviously the 'H' in this case stands for Hedon as they have blown us all away...

How To Fit A Davida Helmet

Davida helmets are designed to be as close a fit as humanly possible and as a result we find a lot of people can't actually get them on their heads in the first place! This isn't due to sizing, there is a particular way to put these helmets on so you're ears aren't going to get squashed which we will detail...