Tucano Urbano Handlebar Muffs

Freezing cold numb hands when riding your scooter are a thing of the past with Tucano Urbano handlebar muffs! Even when using gloves in cold temperatures your hands can still become cold and numb, especially at high speeds. Tucano's excellent handlebar muffs ensure your hands will stay dry and warm whilst retaining full control of your throttle and switches. They are made from neoprene and nylon for maximum protection against the weather and have reflective elements for added safety and also have a patented anti theft system. Handlebar muffs will fit most types of scooter but if you're unsure which one to purchase, simply use our muff selector below.

Muff Selector

We've listed a number of popular scooters to help you choose the correct handlebar muffs. Simply choose your brand of scooter and then your scooter model.