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If you've shopped with us before or have just bought something from us then we'd love you to become one of our product reviewers. We will be giving away a £50 voucher each month to a lucky reviewer picked at random, so get reviewing to be in with a chance to win!

Write a Great Review
When writing a review on our website it's important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure your review will be helpful to other readers and to make sure your review won't be rejected by our webmasters. You can write as much as you want but remember to stay on topic and to highlight the aspects that you found useful. Remember that reviews are for the benefit of customers like yourself so try to be helpful as possible. Below is a short guide of how to get the most from reviews.

1. Be honest. Honesty is paramount when reviewing a product but remember to be constructive also. If you have had problems with any of our products, highlight the problem but also give some constructive comments going forward so the customer can value your opinion.
2. The devil is in the detail. Be sure to give plenty of details. Point out the features you liked and why you liked them.
3. Try to remain objective. Not every product will be to your style or liking but the same product will appeal to others. Try to write about the product from an unbiased viewpoint.
4. Leave a balanced review. Point out the good points as well as the bad. If you think the product is great then write about why you think it's great. If you didn't like the product also write why this is but also point out the good points. It's very rare for our products not to have any redeeming features! A balanced review is most helpful to our customers and gives good value to your review.

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